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Steven Universe OCs


SUOC Complete Revamp- Emerald by XombieJunkySUOC Revamp- Malachite by XombieJunkySUOC- Celestite by XombieJunkySUOC- Whitby Jet by XombieJunkySUOC- Iolite by XombieJunkySUOC- Jade by XombieJunkySUOC- Ice by XombieJunkySUOC- Sylvite by XombieJunkySUOC- Olivine by XombieJunkySUOC- Black Pearl by XombieJunkySUOC- Sulfur by XombieJunkySUOC Gem Villain- Hackmanite (HK Reincarnate) by XombieJunky


Gem Fusion- Fire Agate by XombieJunkyGem Fusion- Seraphinite by XombieJunky


Xander Zombinski Ref Sheet by XombieJunkyXander's Tattoo by XombieJunkyCharacters- Part 1 by XombieJunkyCharacters- Part 2 by XombieJunkyCharacters- Part 3 by XombieJunkyCharacters- Part 4 by XombieJunkyInkling Contest Entry- Elena Paige by XombieJunkyAldren the Punk Venus Flytrap by XombieJunkyThree New Characters by XombieJunkySkeleton Butler by XombieJunkyCorpse Kingdom Citizens by XombieJunkyBradley O'Niel by XombieJunkyAntonio, Duke of Instruments by XombieJunkyScott Manson by XombieJunky


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SUOC Gem Villain- Hackmanite (HK Reincarnate) by XombieJunky
SUOC Gem Villain- Hackmanite (HK Reincarnate)

So for those who don't know, I have a very popular ATOC called Haunt King. He's my terrible villain, and I love him for it. Haha! He has a pretty good base of a story with my Zombie Prince, but I've out all my ATOCs on hold for now. I'm just not feeling the magic right now since I've had this feeling that a lot of people from the AT community don't really like me that much. Maybe it's for good reason, but I digress. I've wanted to reincarnate HK into the SUOC fandom for a while now, and I had so many ideas the second I saw Hackmanite! I'll be making a Tumblr for all my SUOCs and their affairs in the next week or so, and when I get into my ATOCs again, I may draw them in the SU style since I'me suuuper fond of this style like hhhh it's so easy and fun to draw in. ANYWHO, Hackmanite time!


Nickname: Hackman, Mayor Heckman (More info on this in the "Additional Info" section.)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Status: Single

Body Type: Tall, well-built, top-heavy

Height: 6'

Gem Type: Hackmanite

Gem Location: Forehead and Chest

 *Daytime- Katana Sword
- He summons the hilt from his chest and the blade comes from his forehead when the hilt touches it. The blade symbolizes a sharp mind, and the hilt symbolizes a warrior's heart.

 *Nighttime- Beast Form (More info on why this is the case in the "Additional Info" section.)

Synchronizing Dance Style: Unable to fuse. (More info on why this is the case in the "Additional Info" section.)

Secondary Abilities: 
  *Only at night or in the dark(added to his daytime abilities):
- Phase through walls
- Invisibility
- Shadow Manipulation
- Chilling Winds
- Duplication

- Agile
- Strength (Multiplies in the dark)

Personality: Hackmanite is Sly, Manipulative, Two-faced(Literally), and Conniving in the worst ways. All he cares for is finding a place to rule over with his ghostly fist and make all of the people fear the scariest form he is. He will tell you something, make you believe it, and bend your fears in his favor. He gets a sick kick out of making humans squirm. He gets his power in part from pure fear. His evil and blunt tactics do not mean he's dumb. He is one of the worst enemies one could face, being able to come up with several tactics at once in a battle, and having the ability to execute each one with terrifying force.

 Being in control, Having his full power, Playing with the fears and emotions of others, Ruling over his small town, Darkness

Dislikes: Visitors in his territory, Not being feared, Light, Being outsmarted

Alignment: Undeniably, Chaotic Evil

Additional Info: One of the reasons Hackanite is as dangerous as he is is because he is a corrupt gem. Now as we know from the show, Corrupt gems tend to turn into uncontrollable beasts that must be stopped, and their gems must be stored away. Hackmanite is a special case. He is a pure evil incarnate, meaning he has gained control over his abilities, and his own beast form.

For those who don't know what Hackmanite is, it's a gemstone that exhibits an amazing color change in sunlight. In the dark, it's deep purple. Under sunlight, the gem turns completely white, and depending on where you where everywhere in between.

Hackmanite lives in a small town. I want to say it's a couple hundred miles inland from Beach City. It's believed to be haunted in the worst ways. During the daytime, Hackmanite can pass off as a pale, older gentleman who goes by the name of Heckman. He's manipulated the public into making him their mayor. He cares not for the money, but he likes the power, and he likes to have the trust of the very people he tortures at night. He lives in a large building the looks like a spike tower. It's actually a temple in which he resides.

During the day, Hackmanite, has lost most of his powers. Hes smart enough not to get into trouble during the day for that reason. He becomes more reserved, and for that time reverts to being able to summon a weapon as if he's not corrupted at all. He rarely has to fight during the day. He hates visitors, and whenever a gem monster does attack his town, he'll fight it off. This makes the people love him even more, securing his role for years to come. He doesn't care for the people. In fact, he hates them. But he likes them to cower and worship him. 

At night, however, Hackmanite loses his ability to summon a weapon, but gains a more powerful form along with a whole set of secondary abilities. In place of his katana, he can become the dreaded beast form, and control himself through it all. He uses either his humanoid form or his beast form, depending on his mood, to haunt the town and make everybody restless. He doesn't do this every night, knowing that it'd make the people leave. But he does it just enough to get his kick. He's got the town believing that his own beast form is an angered monster keeping everyone in for their own good. The last thing anyone wants to see are his beady purple eyes and giant fangs staring at you from your window.
His beast form's powers is similar to that of the cheshire cat. Imagine the eyes and toothy smile being the first thing you see before his entire body. 


If you actually read all of his info, thank you so much. I appreciate your time.

If you read this part and have any questions, read the whole bio. Chances are the answers may be there. If not, ask me something about him and I'll gladly answer it!
Gem Fusion Chart for my Fan Comic by XombieJunky
Gem Fusion Chart for my Fan Comic
Just thought I'd upload this to show what's to come in the future. As more of them are made, I'll be adding the faces into them.

Jade and Sulfur are done~! Next will be Realgar. ^v^

Like I said, I'll be updating as I go, As soon as the entire chart is complete, Tommy and I will be starting on the story~!
SUOC- Sulfur by XombieJunky
SUOC- Sulfur
So here is the second OC I need for my fan comic that my bf and I are working on. Yes, Sulfur can be crystalline. It's just as poisonous to humans in this form than in any other form. I was going for a venomous look in this design. I'm extremely happy with how he came out.

He will be in a team with Jade and one more OC that I need to design. I don't want to say the names because I don't want anyone taking my Crystals. Lol I'm competitive.



Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Status: Single

Body Type: Thin

Height: 6'4"

Gem Type: Sulfur

Gem Location: Both Elbows

Weapon: Duo Elbow Blades
-The blades shoot from both gems. The forearm clamps grab to his arms and flip until he can grab the handles. He's then ready to fight. The blades are made of Sulfur, so they're poisonous.

Synchronizing Dance Style: Dirty Dancing

Secondary Abilities: 
- Agility
- Venomous
- For reasons unknown, he becomes more unstable and dangerous when his glasses are removed.
- Poison Breath
- Making potions

Personality: Sulfur is a very quiet, but easily angered gem. He fights fast, and he fights fierce. A truly formidable opponent.

 Potion alchemy, Showing off his power, Winning

Dislikes: Jade's loudness, Ill-thought-out plans

Alignment: Unknown. He IDs as Good, but he actions sometimes suggest otherwise.
SUOC Fusion Concept- Hiddenite by XombieJunky
SUOC Fusion Concept- Hiddenite
This is the concept sketch I've done for Hiddenite, the fusion of my Celestite SUOC- Celestite by XombieJunky
and :iconask-bone-the-vampire:'s Yellow Beryl SUoc: Yellow Beryl by Ask-Bone-the-Vampire

I'm quite happy with it so far. I'm not sure when she'll get finished up since I'm tired and working a lot more. Lol
But I'm excited to get a real drawing up eventually.
SUOC- Black Pearl by XombieJunky
SUOC- Black Pearl
So I'm not 10% happy with how he came out because of the line thickness. I tried something new and I hate it. Hhh.. It especially sucks because because I love Black Pearl so much..

Oh well, I'll be drawing him a lot more so that'll help. lol This is the third tem member to Whitby Jet and Iolite's team of evil! I am tempted to draw a picture of him and Pearl to show how they compare and contrast. Just for fun though. Like I said, there isn't any affiliation between my OCs and the cannon characters. Besides the idea of the gem being locked away for a reason, and the Crystal Gems being responsible for that. And no, Black Pearl is NOT related to Pearl AT ALL!! I just took advantage of the opportunity to make Black Pearl the Black Swan, where Pearl is the graceful Swan.

Unfortunately, I've got a comic to work on with my bf. It involves me making 6 more gem OCs. 2 are normal, 3 are fusions, and 1 is a three way fusion that is the main enemy. So Black Pearl's spotlight may be cut short. OR he may make an appearance.. Who knows? Lol


Pearl, Pae

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Demisexual, Homoromantic

Status: Single

Body Type: Thin, Lanky

Height: 5'8"

Gem Type: Black Pearl

Gem Location: Chest

Weapon: Trident

Synchronizing Dance Style: Ballet

Secondary Abilities: 
- Portals
- Agility
- Quick Reflexes

Personality: Black Pearl is short tempered, often operating off of emotional feelings, as opposed to thinking on something objectively. This doesn't mean he's stupid, however. But he is quick tempered and won't hide his feelings.

 Practicing his fighting skills, Mediation, Winning, Dancing, Recognition

Dislikes: Iolite's cocky attitude, Loudness, Being outsmarted

Alignment: Evil


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