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Non-Fandom: Alex by XombieJunky
Non-Fandom: Alex

Artist's Comment:

They're human. Completely androgynous, and a fully functioning hermaphrodite. This means they have fully functioning ovaries and testes. BUT this person has a very special ability. They have the ability to control their hormones and completely alter their appearance and body makeup by controlling the flow of hormones. This means they can become completely male or female! In addition, there's powers associated with each form. When male, he gains super strength and adrenal bursts that allow him to ignore pain and land harder hits. He's becomes more charismatic and emotional, but this form sacrifices defense for fast, hard offense. Testosterone excites the nerves and makes you more sensitive to pain so this is where I'm getting the idea. The female form is gained by altering the flow of hormones in favor of estrogen. In this form she gains telekinetic abilities, and a much higher pain tolerance. This form is best used for tank defense needs and ranged attacking. She has the ability to control the flow of estrogen to help her ignore and withstand outrageous amounts of pain to help her stay alive and fight back in extreme situations. However, once this wears off, she's left weakened and vulnerable. This is only used in times of drastic measures. When female, she becomes more reserved, elegant, and quick-witted.

Non-Fandom: Carnegie Deeps by XombieJunky
Non-Fandom: Carnegie Deeps

Artist's Comment:

I missed my zombie Librarian baby. ;v;
So here he is! Now here's a little idea as to how Zombies work in my stories.
'Zombie' is the self-assigned name given to human beings that were exposed to copious amounts of Black magic located within the Netherworld or the Human World's Ground Zeros. For a human to become this type of Zombie, they don't actually die at all. The Black Magic alters their makeup and changes them to appear undead. (i.e. Appearing malnourished, Pale, Dead, etc.). Their souls are trapped into their bodies, so death isn't permanent. Death occurs when the Black Magic keeping the bodies alive runs out completely. This means Zombies are best kept in the Netherworld, which is the only place they can call home without being killed. This also means that Zombies are essentially immortal.

Zombies are basically a subspecies of human at this point, and the pioneer humans that got dropped into the Netherworld have built a society and united, accepting that they can never return to the world "above". Black Magic can be a highly corrupting form of magic. The original amount of humans that made it into the Netherworld was estimated at about 10 Million. The weak-minded and most over the age of 25 either died or became corrupted Zombies with the highly known killer-instinct the term 'Zombie' is usually associated with. 25 is the average age of brain development to cease. From what has been gathered, A brain that is still developing has the capacity to hold the Black Magic and let it assimilate with the rest of the body, turning it into a Zombie without corruption. As a result of all of this, only 1% of the original population survived.

Zombies are still biological, and can therefore mate and reproduce. However, there new bodies have caused many altercations and complications. For one, the gestation period for childbirth is now 100 years, with an additional 650 years after being the time it takes to get to biological sexual maturity(Around 13 or 14). Of course, social standards still apply to these Zombies, so actual sexual activity is preferred around 900 (That's roughly 18). Development is stunted because of the Black Magic and an unknown, evolutionary mechanism so that overpopulation doesn't occur. Another unfortunate stipulation, due to the mutation as a result of the Black magic, is miscarrying or still-borns. This is from the fetus during development being unable to handle the Black Magic's corruption. by the 50 year mark, most know whether or not the baby will make it. To a Zombie born that way, 50 years seems so short. So a Human turned Zombie, that's so long. There have only been 7 successful births in the Zombies' short time of existence. 5 of them female, 2 of them male. Due to the rarity of children, raising them is a community effort.

The Zombies have gained abilities due in part to their Black Magic. They've gained Feral Forms. This means they can hunt when needed for food. Their teeth sharpen, their eyes glow for night vision, and they can grow their nails into claws. On the down side, Zombies are now nocturnal. They are active at night and sleep during the day.

So here's info on Carnegie!!
Carnegie Deeps was a human in the Human World many, many years ago. He was 27 when he fell into a portal to the Netherworld, a rare case in which his brain could take the Black Magic. He is homosexual, and was picked on for being so when he was in the Human World. He'd contemplated suicide many times, but never went through with it. When he began turning Zombie, he attempted to hang himself, only to wake up weeks later with no eyes or nose, and a rope burn on his neck that scarred terribly. He'd realized that death wasn't an option, but he was more depressed than ever that he could no longer see or smell. As a result, he is no hunter, and remains within the walls of his protected kingdom he resides in. He's got extremely heightened senses of Taste, Sound, and Touch, and uses these to his advantage. Using his killer instinct ability granted to him, he can use the tiniest vibrations to "see", and use sound for reflexes. This, of course, took hundreds of years of training to do. He reads Braille books all the time, his favorite being "To Kill A Mockingbird". He has a Raven named Mortuus that he works with at the library all the time. Mortuus acts as Carnegie's eyes when he need to be.

Non-Fandom: Russula by XombieJunky
Non-Fandom: Russula

Artist's Comment:

Who rememebrs Russula?! Russ! Nobody? Well you may remember him as my ATOC, the Mushroom Prince. This isn't what he is anymore.
Russ is now the defender of a magical forest and.. let's just call her "Mother Nature" for now. lol
He has fantastic spore manipulation abilities on top of his other powers such as agility, transformation(Into other mushroom species), Body alteration (Stretching/Shrinking body parts), and Plant Manipulation.
His spore powers include:
- Psychedelic Spores
- Mushroom Minion Spores
- Turning self into Spores as "Teleporation"

Despite his appearance, he's still a very sweet and awkward guy. He often worries that whomever would fall in love with him would eventually regret it.

Non-Fandom: D'Marco by XombieJunky
Non-Fandom: D'Marco

Artist's Comment:

So this big guy is sort of an antagonist for Jynx. He is a Crystal Mage, but is Human. His use of the Crystal Magic and its temporal powers have mutated his body, as all mages in my story have to deal with. For D'Marco, it's a second set of arms and eyes. He is very adept at his magic. So much so that he, all by himself, is capable of making an inescapable wall around an entire city. He hates all magic users and intends to rid the word of them with his own power for reasons that involve vengeance. He stands at 6'3" and has a very well-built body.

Non-Fandom: Jewelian by XombieJunky
Non-Fandom: Jewelian

Artist's Comment:

Here's Jewelian! Third hero! Vestal of the Earth Element and a favorite character of mine for a long time! I went with a more matured look for him. >v<
And yes, he's still with Isaac no matter what universe!



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Tumblr: xombiejunky-productions.tumblr…

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Mature Content

Good Vs Evil by FrostedSouls
Since I've had some questions asked ot me by too many people to remember, I figured I'd make some things known via journal regarding those things.

1.) I don't do Art Trades. I don't have the commitment or time for such things. It's nothing against anyone, I just wouldn't be able to keep up with them.
2.) I don't add just anyone to Skype. Again, nothing against other people but it's kind of a personal thing to me. I need to feel like I can actually talk to you. This isn't Facebook where you friend every schmuck on Earth.
3.) I don't do requests. I do Commissions. I do gifts for friends. But not requests.
4.) My Gems' and characters in generals' designs are not for others to use as a proxy for a concept. Yes, I've been asked this and I'm letting others know that you cannot use my gem designs as an image for your concept.
5.) I am not against fanart or gift art. (Who is?!) I've had people worry about that. But it's understandable since I'm a wild card.
6.) Making comparisons with my characters (i.e. "They remind me of.." and "Kinda looks like..") is insulting to me and I'd appreciate it if that'd be kept to a minimum. Thank you.
7.) If I don't reply to something in a timely manner, don't be offended. It takes me a while to reply because I live a very busy life. However there are time I don't know what to say so I may not reply at all. This is usually because of a comparison being made or someone is just kind of rude and I don't feel like dealing with it.
8.) I've seen many people put themselves down as a compliment to me. No.. Stop.. I don't like it. Everyone who is an artist in some way is talented. Don't compare your art to mine or anyone else's.
9.) I don't roleplay anymore. Just discuss headcanons and doodle them.

Okay that's all for now!
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