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SUOC- Diaspore by XombieJunky
SUOC- Diaspore

Artist's Comment:

Diaspore is a new gem baby I made just for fun. A fashion babe, and a new friend for :iconfrostedsouls: Benitoite and Bloodstone.
Diaspore acts as a confidence booster for Bloodstone, and is a total bitch when he hangs out with Benitoite. There isn't much  to him. He is a color change gem, as well, and a rare version that's more intense in colors than regular Diaspore.


Comments disabled because people don't fucking listen when I say DO NOT MAKE COMPARISONS, YOU FUCKING MORONS
SUOCs- Spessartine, Pigeon Blood Ruby, Thulite by XombieJunky
SUOCs- Spessartine, Pigeon Blood Ruby, Thulite

Artist's Comment:

So I've been very busy lately, and on top of that, I've been wanting to work on my own story too. ;v;
But here's what I have done! these three are from a rival crew for Neelam and his crew that I've been working on.

Spessartine Garnet I adopted from :icontheredjoker351:
His gem is placed on his face. He can't see. He has a telepathic ability to sense his surroundings, which makes him extremely tactical in battle. In a sense, he can "see" what nobody else can see and he can "see" other people through walls. However, he can use his gem to project screens that allow him to analyze their ship and perform maintenance. His lack of vision has enabled him to be very careful with delicate wiring. Spessartine, though stoic at times, is actually quite a fun guy with a decent sense of humor. He can create force fields with his holograms, which is good for when something or someone is trying to sneak attack him or the team. He stands between Pigeon and Mekong in height. His weapon is a shield that resembles his gem with spikes on the front flat face, and his symbols on the surrounding flat faces.

Pigeon Blood Ruby is Neelam Sapphire's rival. He's that rival that somehow is always one step ahead. He's taller, stronger, and his crew is way more disciplined.
Pigeon Blood Ruby, Pigeon for short, is stronger, but slower in movement than Neelam. His weapon is dual pistols with silencers. He is charming, condescending, and quick to respond.

Thulite is rather pessimistic. She is the only member of the team to be one to think before acting, and she is very aware of what Homeworld is all about right now. She is known at home for speaking out against injustice to Gemkind, but is also known for carrying out her orders. Her fighting style is fast and frequent. She is very fast and extremely agile. Her weapon is a bull whip.
Epidote Outfits by XombieJunky
Epidote Outfits

Artist's Comment:

Just did this for fun! alternate outfits for Epidote. There's no timeline for them. I just thought this would be fun.

I think maybe these could just be outfits he wears and occasionally interchanges from. But his original outfit is his default for sure that he wears most of the time.

SUOC Fusion- Devilline by XombieJunky
SUOC Fusion- Devilline

Artist's Comment:

Anyone ever get that feeling where they find a really awesome, unique, and underused gem/mineral and make it into a character and you then become fearful to post it because you're afraid people are just gonna use you as a gem/mineral bank because they can't just go do their own goddamn research? Yeah, that fear almost made me not post this guy. BUT, I love him too much to let him rot in

So here is Devilline! Fusion of Neelam Sapphire and Epidote! I like to call him the Kickass Business Executive Tycoon because he looks all fancy. lol
His speed is surprising for his size and shape thanks to both gems. His weapon is a Shoulder-Mounted Cannon of sorts, and his is very large. I'd say he stands at being between that of Sardonyx and Sugilite.

Epidoodles2 by XombieJunky

Artist's Comment:

I forgot how much I looove drawing Epidote. SO I doodles him some! >V<

The one with :iconfaith-wolff:'s Emerald is sort of my take on what happens in Green Peace by :iconpikokko: when they go on their adventure for peace and quiet. They end up finding gem monsters to fight, and it seems there's too many. I wonder how it will be handled! Hmmm~!! Needless to say there are future plans to take this one step further.

The rest of the doodles are miscellaneous things with Epidote! Him challenging Mekong because he's smart enough to know that something about her isn't quite right, so he's calling her out on it! Him being worried that something doesn't seem right. Maybe ship stuff. Little Epi! >v< Epidote being a show off and taking his clip out to let his luxurious hair fall! Meditating with his hair down. AND THEN Epidote hating Spessartine for besting him.



Artist | Student | Digital Art

Tumblr: xombiejunky-productions.tumblr…

Art w/ Xander in it:
Candy is dandy... until it makes you delirious by MissPompZombie Prince by Ask-FoxyQueenQ Need a hand by AskthewerewolfprinceJoinme dump 8 by Askthewerewolfprince-Q- Habitants by Shrimpoid

Art w/ Haunt King in it:
SirXombieAlexander: Pixel Commission by orchidiHaunt King by nougeHaunt King by Ask-Bone-the-VampireGift for SirAlexanderXombie~ Haunt King by AskAddisonCommission for SirAlexanderXombie by kyojean

Mature Content

Good Vs Evil by FrostedSouls
Since I've had some questions asked ot me by too many people to remember, I figured I'd make some things known via journal regarding those things.

1.) I don't do Art Trades. I don't have the commitment or time for such things. It's nothing against anyone, I just wouldn't be able to keep up with them.
2.) I don't add just anyone to Skype. Again, nothing against other people but it's kind of a personal thing to me. I need to feel like I can actually talk to you. This isn't Facebook where you friend every schmuck on Earth.
3.) I don't do requests. I do Commissions. I do gifts for friends. But not requests.
4.) My Gems' and characters in generals' designs are not for others to use as a proxy for a concept. Yes, I've been asked this and I'm letting others know that you cannot use my gem designs as an image for your concept.
5.) I am not against fanart or gift art. (Who is?!) I've had people worry about that. But it's understandable since I'm a wild card.
6.) Making comparisons with my characters (i.e. "They remind me of.." and "Kinda looks like..") is insulting to me and I'd appreciate it if that'd be kept to a minimum. Thank you.
7.) If I don't reply to something in a timely manner, don't be offended. It takes me a while to reply because I live a very busy life. However there are time I don't know what to say so I may not reply at all. This is usually because of a comparison being made or someone is just kind of rude and I don't feel like dealing with it.
8.) I've seen many people put themselves down as a compliment to me. No.. Stop.. I don't like it. Everyone who is an artist in some way is talented. Don't compare your art to mine or anyone else's.
9.) I don't roleplay anymore. Just discuss headcanons and doodle them.

Okay that's all for now!
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