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Characters for The Demons' Angel

The Demons' Angel/The Heroine/Valerie Daemon by XombieJunkyThe Demons' Angel/Elemental and Hero/Earth by XombieJunkyThe Demons' Angel/The Heroine/Kanai Symphonia by XombieJunkyThe Demons' Angel/Ink Mage/Elliot Atramentum by XombieJunkyThe Demons' Angel/Demonic Entities/Asbel Sullivan by XombieJunkyThe Demons' Angel/Demon Species/Jynx Misfortune by XombieJunkyThe Demons' Angel/Elemental/Air by XombieJunkyThe Demons' Angel/Assassin's Guild/Scott Manson by XombieJunkyThe Demons' Angel/Elemental/Ice by XombieJunkyThe Demon's Angel/Reaper's Curse/Xander Zombinski by XombieJunky

Steven Universe OCs


New Gemsona: Verdite by XombieJunkyPermanent Gem Fusion- Demantoid Garnet by XombieJunkySUOC- Harlequin Opal by XombieJunkySUOC Complete Revamp- Emerald by XombieJunkySUOC Revamp- Malachite by XombieJunkySUOC- Celestite by XombieJunkySUOC- Whitby Jet by XombieJunkySUOC- Iolite by XombieJunkySUOC- Jade by XombieJunkySUOC- Ice by XombieJunkySUOC- Sylvite by XombieJunkySUOC- Olivine by XombieJunkySUOC- Black Pearl by XombieJunkySUOC- Sulfur by XombieJunkySUOC Gem Villain- Hackmanite (HK Reincarnate) by XombieJunky


Gem Fusion- Fire Agate by XombieJunkyGem Fusion- Seraphinite by XombieJunky


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Folder Icons for 'The Demons' Angel' folder by XombieJunky
Folder Icons for 'The Demons' Angel' folder
I just made these to have some little icons in my folders and I like how they came out so I put them together to show off. Lol

So basically in my Gallery I have a folder with 'The Demons' Angel' written on it. In that folder are three sub-folders. 'Reference', 'Misc', and 'Scenes'. These are the icons for those folders.
The Demons' Angel/Reaper's Curse/Xander Zombinski by XombieJunky
The Demons' Angel/Reaper's Curse/Xander Zombinski

Artist's Comment:

Xander is going to play as a minor villain in my story. Come on, you couldn't hve expected me NOT to bring Xander into it! Lol
So yes, there are going to be roles of demonic or angelic presence that will be interpreted as Curses. The Reaper's Curse is a major one.



Real Name: 
Xander Zombinski

Human Name: Xander Zombinski

Nickname(s): Grim Reaper, Grim, Reaper, The Reaper, Death

Age: Immortal, 21 when he died

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 182Lbs

Real Occupation: The Grim Reaper

Human Occupation: N/A

Current Location: Nomadic

Favorite color(s): Green, Black

Languages Spoken: Latin(Learned upon death from curse), English, Hispanic

Likes: Eternal Life, Dark colors, Skulls

Dislikes: His curse, Difficult targets, Being interrupted


Relationship Status: TBA

Love Interest: TBA

Orientation: Pansexual

Alignment: Himself

 -Summoning Scythe
 -Shadow Manipulation
 -Dispersing into a Murder of Crows and Rematerializing from the Murder of Crows
 -Soul Magic and Manipulation
 -Night Vision
 -Mild Demon Summoning

Personality: Not much is known about Xander's personality, given that he's a pretty elusive entity. What is known is that he scowls a lot, and isn't often a very happy person, unless someone's picked a fight with him and he wins.

Additional Information: 

 Xander is the victim of the Reaper's Curse. It's a curse that was made by Destruction to help control the life Creation made. It controls populations when creatures reach a certain age or it's foreseen that an untimely death will occur and the soul must be collected. When Xander was alive as a human, all he wanted was to find the secret to eternal life. In his quest, he discovered the Reaper's Curse. It gave eternal life, and that's he cared for. Like most people, he didn't read the fine print. All he wanted was eternal life, not a job that required him to murder. Upon activating the curse, he met the entity known as Destruction himself, and died. He later awoke, with a somewhat altered form. He lost his humanity, and became a zombie. A zombie with the Grim Reaper's burden. He gained what he wanted, but at the cost of having to lose his freedom. When the time came that he had to even reap his own family, he decided then to try and free himself from the curse and finally die so someone else could bare that burden. But with Destruction now being a sleeping entity, he has to create the reversion curse on his own by collecting souls for himself, which is hard to do when the souls he's required to collect for for the Shrine of Destruction. He can keep those he reaps out of maliciousness for himself, but those are hard to come by with so many other entities out to protect life. Even with all he puts himself through, he can't guarantee whether or not it'll work. After all, Destruction's curse and really only be reversed by Destruction. No matter what kind of defeat Xander faces, he's simply rematerialized when a murder of crows surrounds his corpse and recreates him. It's an eternal burden he doesn't wish to bare any longer.
SUOC- Harlequin Opal by XombieJunky
SUOC- Harlequin Opal
Officially one of my favorite gems of all time!! I felt the need to do her before getting back into my story stuff with my bf. lol I'll make my SUOC stuff my guilty pleasure, but since I start working again in less than a week, I'd like to get as many new additions to my official story's portfolio as possible. She's inspired by everyone's favorite Harlequin villain, Harley Quinn! I love DC shit. Lol So basics!!!

-Harlequin Opal
-Homeworld Gem
-Gem on chest
-Weapon is a Mallet
-Loves to joke around
-LOVES to fuse with others despite her manic personality
The Demons' Angel/ Jackson PJ Meme by XombieJunky
The Demons' Angel/ Jackson PJ Meme
So I got tagged by :iconfrostedsouls: Some time ago. I decided to do this before bed. I didn't do very much for this but I like the brush for the shading I used! And I found a good way to simplify my style without the extra works. Doodle-style! Yas.. Enjoy!
WIP by XombieJunky
this is a little WIP I'm doing for Lemon and Haüyne.
it's sequential art, and I'll try to finish tomorrow!


Artist | Student | Digital Art

Tumblr: xombiejunky-productions.tumblr…

Art w/ Xander in it:
Candy is dandy... until it makes you delirious by MissPompZombie Prince by Ask-FoxyQueenQ Need a hand by AskthewerewolfprinceJoinme dump 8 by Askthewerewolfprince-Q- Habitants by Shrimpoid

Art w/ Haunt King in it:
SirXombieAlexander: Pixel Commission by orchidiHaunt King by nougeHaunt King by Ask-Bone-the-VampireGift for SirAlexanderXombie~ Haunt King by AskAddisonCommission for SirAlexanderXombie by kyojeanGood Vs Evil by FrostedSouls

It's got my The Demons' Angel stuff and now I'm adding my gem stuff.
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