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Steven Universe OCs


SUOC Complete Revamp- Emerald by XombieJunkySUOC Revamp- Malachite by XombieJunkySUOC- Celestite by XombieJunkySUOC- Whitby Jet by XombieJunkySUOC- Iolite by XombieJunkySUOC- Jade by XombieJunkySUOC- Ice by XombieJunkySUOC- Sylvite by XombieJunkySUOC- Olivine by XombieJunkySUOC- Black Pearl by XombieJunkySUOC- Sulfur by XombieJunkySUOC Gem Villain- Hackmanite (HK Reincarnate) by XombieJunky


Gem Fusion- Fire Agate by XombieJunkyGem Fusion- Seraphinite by XombieJunky


Xander Zombinski Ref Sheet by XombieJunkyXander's Tattoo by XombieJunkyCharacters- Part 1 by XombieJunkyCharacters- Part 2 by XombieJunkyCharacters- Part 3 by XombieJunkyCharacters- Part 4 by XombieJunkyInkling Contest Entry- Elena Paige by XombieJunkyAldren the Punk Venus Flytrap by XombieJunkyThree New Characters by XombieJunkySkeleton Butler by XombieJunkyCorpse Kingdom Citizens by XombieJunkyBradley O'Niel by XombieJunkyAntonio, Duke of Instruments by XombieJunkyScott Manson by XombieJunky


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The Demon's Angel/Mage/Elliot Concept Sketch by XombieJunky
The Demon's Angel/Mage/Elliot Concept Sketch
So I'm thinking of bringing back Elliot, who used to be my Printer Prince on :iconasktheprinterprince: as an ink mage! I'm happy with this concept, but I'd like some opinions. 
The Demon's Angel/The Heroine/Valerie Daemon by XombieJunky
The Demon's Angel/The Heroine/Valerie Daemon

Artist's Comment:

SI'm so terrible.. Lol! I've redesigned her yet again. But I promise, THIS IS THE FINAL DESIGN for my dear Valerie!! She's come a long way! She was originally the child of Xander and his ex, and that tanked. But I didn't want her to die. As a matter of fact, that need to keep her alive is what made me think of all of this crap I'm creating! This weekend, Thomas and I will be finally writing down all of the lore and the synopsis of the story that we put together over these past.. I don't know.. 3 or 4 months, give or take, ever since he rekindled my interest in my concept that I've have for years now. Lol!



Real Name: 
Valerie Daemon

Human Name: Valerie Daemon

Nickname(s): Val

Age: 17

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 114Lbs

Real Occupation: The Princess of both the Netherworld and the Aetherworld (More on this later)

Human Occupation: N/A

Current Location: Travelling

Favorite color(s): Purple, Black, Blue

Languages Spoken: English, Latin

Likes: Fashion, Dark Colors, Honing her skills, Reading, Savory Foods, Dark Chocolate

Dislikes: Rude and Inconsiderate People, Foul Language, Angels, Milk Chocolate

Librium Daemon (Demon King/Father)
 -Amelia Angelus (Angel Queen/Mother)
 -Drake Daemon (Demon Prince/Younger Half-Brother)

Relationship Status: TBA

Love Interest: TBA

Orientation: Bisexual

Alignment: Demons

 -Soul Manipulation
 -Soul Energy Bolt
 -Weapon Conjuring
 -Shadow Manipulation
 -Light Manipulation

Personality: Valerie, though young, is very mature for her age and capable of making big decisions on important matters. After all, she is the heroine. Being a princess, she is very poise and elegant. Don't take that as weakness though.. She'll kick your ass.

Additional Information: 

 -All will be revealed in the Synopsis!
Jynx Misfortune by XombieJunky
Jynx Misfortune

Artist's Comment:

Same as Asbel. I wanted to show him without the ref. UvU
Asbel Sullivan by XombieJunky
Asbel Sullivan

Artist's Comment:

I wanted to post him without the ref so you guys could get a good look at him. chest fuzzy yisss :heart:
The Deomon's Angel/Demonic Entities/Asbel Sullivan by XombieJunky
The Deomon's Angel/Demonic Entities/Asbel Sullivan

Artist's Comment:

Say hello, again, to my happy-go-lucky bby!! I've been wanting to bring him into my new world forever now. Especially because I had already finished his best friend, Jynx. Haha! 



Real Name: 
Asbel Sullivan

Human Name: Asbel Sullivan

Nickname(s): Azzy, Pup

Age: 122

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 121Lbs

Real Occupation: The Haunt King's Pet, but technically the Haunt Prince.

Human Occupation: N/A

Current Location: The Kingdom of the Haunted, Located in the Human World out of sight.

Favorite color(s): Blue, Orange, Red

Languages Spoken: English, Latin

Likes: Practically everything, he's a very happy boy. Not much gets him down. These things include Video Games, Sweets, Meat(Haha), HK, Being pet behind his ear

Dislikes: Loud noises, Yelling, Werewolf Hunters, Guns

Haunt King (Adoptive Father)

Relationship Status: TBA

Love Interest: TBA

Orientation: Homosexual

Alignment: Neutral

 -Phase through walls
 -Shape Shifting into Wolf
 -Soul Manipulation
 -Super Strength
 -Super Senses
 -Sympathy Magic
 -Empathy Magic
(Asbel mostly focuses on his physical and original werewolf powers)

Personality: Asbel is, by every definition, a loving, friendly guy. He loves meeting new people and he won't hesitate to give someone the shirt off his back.

Additional Information: Not much is known about Asbel's life as a human, but Asbel used to be full-blooded werewolf, without a care in the world some 100 years ago. During the time he was alive, he had been happily dating someone, and was on his way to having his 'Happily Ever After' story. He'd met HK one day, and seemed to have appealed to the villain's soft side. After all, HK was afraid most of not being feared, and Asbel wasn't afraid of him at all. HK had been going through one of his lonely spells, where he just wanted a companion. Well, the werewolf had filled that void for the time being. HK became attached, and called him his pet. It was a platonic friendship that'd developed, and HK did all he could to help Asbel continue in his happy life. However, one day, the werewolf lad had visited a small town. He didn't realize that they were a town of werewolf hunters who disliked the species for outlandish reasons that can only be assumed came from folklore. As a result, Asbel was hunted down, and shot in the chest. He died quickly, but the King, when he'd heard from his spy what happened, made a point to level the town and its people. He used his powers to bring the boy back to life. However, it wasn't possible. Haunt People specifically are the phantoms of vengeance taking physical form. Their most prominent features center around the wound created by their cause of death. Being a happy person, it wasn't possible for Asbel to be a phantom of vengeance. So HK did something drastic. He used two of the two of his gems to bring Asbel back to life, which is why HK now only has two gems on him. The two gems on Asbel are powerful, and since they once belonged to the King, this makes Asbel the prince by technicality. He's now a HauntWolf, and the gunshot scar on his chest is the wound from his cause of death. Today, He's best friends with Jynx, though he takes no part in Jynx's shenanigans, since his loyalty remains to the Haunt King, who will be introduced later.


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So I had to get a new computer, unfortunately, and I had to use my money I'd been saving up for my car..
I moved SAI onto my new computer, but I forgot what my settings for drawing were! I tried checking on my old computer, but I'm afraid that it won't work at all, hence the reason I had to get a new one. So can anybody help me with some settings that're good to work with???
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