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Steven Universe OCs


SUOC Revamp- Hauyne and Lemon Quartz by XombieJunkySUOC Revamp- Emerald (Again) by XombieJunkySUOC- Olivine by XombieJunkySUOC- Sylvite by XombieJunkySUOC- Jade by XombieJunkyBlue Salt's Fusion by XombieJunkyIce without BG by XombieJunkySUOC- Iolite (Updated) by XombieJunkySUOC- Citrine by XombieJunkySUOC- Realgar by XombieJunkySUOC- Padmaraga by XombieJunkySUOC Revamp- Malachite (again) by XombieJunkySUOC- Harlequin Opal by XombieJunky


SUOC Gem Fusion - Calcite by XombieJunkySUOC Gem Fusion - Rubellite Tourmaline by XombieJunkySUOC Gem Fusion - Unakite by XombieJunkySUOC Fusion- Carnelian by XombieJunkySUOC Fusion- Rhodonite by XombieJunkySUOC Permafusion Revamp - Demantoid Garnet by XombieJunkySUOC Gem Fusion- Flourite by XombieJunkySUOC Permafusion- Chalcanthite AKA Blue Salt by XombieJunkySUOC Gem Fusion- Uvarovite by XombieJunky


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SUOC Revamp- Black Pearl by XombieJunky
SUOC Revamp- Black Pearl

Artist's Comment:

Finally, right?! I've had this concept done for about a week now, and I decided that I lied it enough to post him! Plus he makes for some pretty good fusion concepts! That's right, y'all, he's already got two fusion concepts in the works!


Nickname: Pearl, BP

Gender: Sexless/IDs as Male

Sexuality: N/A 

Status: Single

Body Type: Thin

Height: About the height of Pearl

Gem Type: Black Pearl

Gem Location: Chest

Weapon: Spiral Saber

Synchronizing Dance Style: Rhythmic Acrobatics

Secondary Abilities: 
- Portal Powers
- Agility
- Quick Reflexes
- Extreme Flexibility
- Superb Accuracy

Personality: Black Pearl, although part of the Crystal Gems, is very dark in personality and often antisocial. He prefers to be alone, yet he still loves to fuse with other gems for the prospect of being more powerful. His actions are misguided and sometimes very immature. He has a lot of growing up to do, which is hard when he seldom lets anyone teach him anything.
Emerald is short but... by XombieJunky
Emerald is short but...

Artist's Comment:

So this could kind of be considered a TEENY bit of a revamp, but I wanted to do a little bit of a shape difference for his new height! I'm happy with how he came out~! So cute! He still have the stars on the back of his hands though.

Demantoid Doodle by XombieJunky
Demantoid Doodle

Artist's Comment:

Finished some character designs for a helmet company tonight and I still felt like drawing.. But nothing too serious. So I went with drawing up Demantoid and baes that make him up! Lol This was the perfect opportunity to show y'all the weaponry of them as well! In crappy sketch form, but there will be official pics in time! for now, enjoy this sketchy sketch that I modeled after the coolio sketches done for the actual SU episodes we all see on Tumblr.
SUOC Gem Fusion- Uvarovite by XombieJunky
SUOC Gem Fusion- Uvarovite

Artist's Comment:



Nickname: N/A

Gender: Sexless/IDs as Male

Sexuality: N/A 

Status: N/A

Body Type: Muscular

Height: About as tall as Suglite, maybe slightly taller

Gem Type: Uvarovite Garnet

Gem Location: Chest and both hips

Weapon: TBA

Synchronizing Dance Style: N/A

Secondary Abilities: TBA

Personality: Uvarovite is very powerful, and tank in battle with great leadership skills! He's fun-loving, and always up for a good laugh. However, he's incredibly bossy, acting like a sergeant and treating his comrades more like soldiers than teammates. He gives many orders whih are good in the heat of battle, but come off as arrogant and bossy when the times aren't of war. He will lash out against those who give him orders or treat him like a lesser gem. He doesn't know when to quit be it with being bossy or having fun. This makes him a very dangerous gem to form, given Emerald's major insecurity, Lemon's hyperactivity, and Hauyne's temper. All gems in the fusion have a lot of growing to do before they try to form this gem in any other case other than life or death. 
SUOC Revamp- Emerald (Again) by XombieJunky
SUOC Revamp- Emerald (Again)

Artist's Comment:

Changed his height!

This is the final time I'm revamping emerald! I'm so happy with how he's come out this time around! Like, SO HAPPY!! I've done my research on the actual gem this time around to find that the Green is leaning more on the Teal side as opposed to the Lime Green I've been doing all this time. This time around, he also feels more unified to me. Not the mention that when it was finally revealed that Garnet is a fusion, I realized my dual-gem OCs that weren't supposed to be permafusions needed a revamp. That pushed me to redo Emerald even more. PLUS! Padmaraga got me into the inspiration for his revamp as well, since she is well acquainted with :iconfrostedsouls:'s Sunstone, who happens to be Emerald's love. There's a lot, I know, but I'm almost done yammering.. The last thing is that I wanted to have Emerald's gem be, well, EMERALD CUT!! What was I thinking..? Having Emerald not be Emerald cut.. Pfft. Oh well, I'm so happy with him now! INFO TIME


Nickname: Emmy

Gender: Male Pronouns

Status: Taken by :iconfrostedsouls:'s Sunstone

Body Type: Stocky, Deep-Chested

Height: About the same height as Amethyst, maybe just slightly taller

Gem Type: Emerald/Green Beryl (Yes, for those who didn't know, Emerald is the proper name for Green Beryl.)

Gem Location: Chest

Weapon: Hook-Blade

Synchronizing Dance Style: Rhythmic Hung Gar-styled Kung Fu choreography

Secondary Abilities: 
- Earth Manipulation
- Seismic Sensory (Can feel vibrations in the ground around him)
- Tough-Skin (Harder to injure him)

Personality: Emerald is a righteous gem, with a love for many things, much like Rose Quartz. He believes in seeking out the truth behind the lies, and keeping the peace! His abilities are very unstable, so he has fears of hurting those he loves when  using them in battle.

Alignment: Good

Additional Info: Emerald was once part of Yellow Diamond's army, but during the second gem war, he was sent out for back-up, and realized that Rose Quartz's cause was worth fighting for. He quickly switched sides, with the same belief that all life is precious. He misses home terribly, but he knew what he was getting himself into. He met Sunstone in training and they had become close quickly, until they were separated into different divisions. But they eventually did meet back up and were ecstatic!


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Art w/ Xander in it:
Candy is dandy... until it makes you delirious by MissPompZombie Prince by Ask-FoxyQueenQ Need a hand by AskthewerewolfprinceJoinme dump 8 by Askthewerewolfprince-Q- Habitants by Shrimpoid

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Mature Content

Good Vs Evil by FrostedSouls
I've lost my cool. From now on anyone posting a rude comment on my stuff is not going to get a tactful response. You will be cursed at, told off, and told to fuck off. Don't treat me like I'm stupid or like I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm tired of the bull shit, and I'm tired of stupid fucking people. I can do what I want with my artwork and characters. I never asked for anyone to point the obvious or tear apart my characters because you think some overpowering addition would make him better. I make my characters the way they are for a reason. Don't comment if you don't have something nice to say. Because your stupid ass will be told off.

I'm not redacting my before comment, but I will say this:
1.) I am a supporter of the Multi-Gem Theory. This means I believe there can be more than one of any kind of gem!
2.) The reason I get mad at people is because they try to act like I don't anything without doing their research first. I've made characters before the canon ones were introduced and I will defend the people who made Malachites, Peridots, Rubies, Sapphires, Jaspers, Opals, etc. to the death because they were most likely made before the canon ones were introduced.
3.) Just because there is a canon gem, doesn't mean someone should just up and dump their character like a sack of potatoes. Some people actually care about their characters and the stories they make for them.
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gameboyred Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
You got so many colorful characters here and Im just so jealous that you are so good......
any way,can tou do a request or art trade? I like art trades even tough I have only done one
and I feel that I need to do more
Imagine-Dragon-Types Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
OMG Xombie I am in love with all your Gemsonas, they all look like they should be apart of the show!!!! Keep up the amazing work, I love seeing it all :3
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WinterWolfRose111 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015
Hi dude I love your art and I was wondering if I could use two to four characters for a story I'm writing? I don't want to use amazing art without permission. The story is a Steven Universe OC/Avengers crossover. It won't be posted here, but I'll give you a link to it if you like. I want to use Whitby Jet, Hackmanite, Malachite and Sulfur. And also could I have a request drawn? Or no?
1117778 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  New Deviant
PP.S it was emerald
1117778 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  New Deviant
Hey i'm new and I happened to find a c.g that you made up and I thought of a c.g with 2 emeralds (1 for each shoulder) that was a grayish black with 2 emerald green tomahawks before I saw your c.g. So just saying.

P. S c.g means crystal gem .
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