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Steven Universe OCs


SUOC Complete Revamp- Emerald by XombieJunkySUOC Revamp- Malachite by XombieJunkySUOC- Celestite by XombieJunkySUOC- Whitby Jet by XombieJunkySUOC- Iolite by XombieJunkySUOC- Jade by XombieJunkySUOC- Ice by XombieJunkySUOC- Sylvite by XombieJunky


Gem Fusion- Fire Agate by XombieJunkyGem Fusion- Seraphinite by XombieJunky


Xander Zombinski Ref Sheet by XombieJunkyXander's Tattoo by XombieJunkyCharacters- Part 1 by XombieJunkyCharacters- Part 2 by XombieJunkyCharacters- Part 3 by XombieJunkyCharacters- Part 4 by XombieJunkyInkling Contest Entry- Elena Paige by XombieJunkyAldren the Punk Venus Flytrap by XombieJunkyThree New Characters by XombieJunkySkeleton Butler by XombieJunkyCorpse Kingdom Citizens by XombieJunkyBradley O'Niel by XombieJunkyAntonio, Duke of Instruments by XombieJunkyScott Manson by XombieJunky


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SUOC- Sylvite by XombieJunky
SUOC- Sylvite
So I was gonna post her up with her partner, but I'm not sure when he'll be getting done since my bf is visiting this weekend, and I tend to get nothing done when he's around. Lol! Plus view the pics that favor landscape format tend to not let you see the details at their best. Soo, meet Sylvite! Another mineral gem! Sylvite reminded me of Sylveon, which is a Fairy as we all know. So Sylvite has some Fairy influences, and I am very happy with how she came out. My bf helped me with picking out her abilities. It was interesting to think about for sure.


Nickname: Sylvie

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Demisexual

Status: Single

Body Type: Average

Height: 5'7"

Gem Type: Sylvite

Gem Location: Back

Weapon: Razor Sharp Fae Wings
- Each wing comes out of a face of the gem. She can fly with them, and use them to cut into objects if needed. She is a physical fighter, focusing more on using martial arts. The cutting with her wings is used to get into objects or places. They're more of a tool, not a weapon.

Synchronizing Dance Style: Club Dancing

Secondary Abilities: 
- Light Weight
- Flight
- Quick Reflexes
- Aura Sensory
- Healing

Personality: Sylvite is a bubbly, fun, happy-go-lucky gal. She enjoys being active and doing sporty things. She's known to be competitive, and can get kinda salty when she loses. She's kind of a sore loser, which is why when she does anything, she really puts her all into it. She likes to go to parties and clubs on occasion, as the dancing has always seemed to suit her well. When she wins, she also loves to rub it in your face. She was a reputation for being a bit annoying..

 Winning, Dancing, Sports, Competition, Sweets, Parties, Fighting 

Dislikes: Losing, Boredom, Staying still for too long, Evil

Alignment: Righteous Good

Additional Info: She's in a team with Jade
SUOC- Jade by XombieJunky
This Time I Might Just Disappear by XombieJunky
This Time I Might Just Disappear
I fucking love this song.…

If you've not heard it yet, please let yourself hear the wonder that is his song! I've listened to it easily 100 times by now. Haha! XD
I saw some stuff about Ghost-Sonas.. I wanted in! So I made this!

I studied the style used in the video extensively. I tried my best to get as close to it as possible, and I'm very happy with the results.

He's a very bitter ghost, full of resentment and hate. He's more of a phantom. I imagine he probably died in a large city, during a winter storm. Nobody would give him shelter, so he froze to death. He'd hate humanity and want to watch it crumble over the years, occasionally causing some trouble on his own behalf as well.

Ghost (c)Mystery Skulls (c)WB Productions
Ghost-Sona (c)XombieJunky
Background Components Practice by XombieJunky
Background Components Practice

So one thing I really need to practice on is my backgrounds, especially for Portfolio purposes for College. So I'm starting with small components that make up a background. A lot of this is a personal spin, along with a lot of inspiration from the backgrounds used in Steven Universe. The vivid lighting and coloring is just my style. So I went with it. This was a good opportunity to work on lighting, coloring, and shading as well. It was nice to go mad on the different colors and contrasts. Nothing too uniform, but just enough to be able to tie in together.

For those who have experience in drawing BGs, please give me some feedback and tips for the future! ;v;
I plan to be able to draw out full scene pics soon. Anything that I could improve on?? Anything I could add? Please do tell!

Also keep in mind that these BGs are intended for cartoons. I'm not a realist artist. At all. lol
SUOC- Ice by XombieJunky
So my boyfriend and I went to a book store the other day while we enjoyed a nice day out. He got me a book on Minerals, Gems, and all that good shit.. While looking through it, I found that Ice is actually a Crystalline Mineral. Pretty cool, huh? Well, of course he got me the book because of my SUOCs I've been making. So it's obvious what was gonna come outta this. lol XD But reading up on ice being a mineral really put into perspective as to what ice really is! It does form crystals in many familiar forms similar to that of the gems we know. Many wouldn't think of Ice only because it turns into water when heated enough. But it just means that Ice is a weaker crystal than, say, Corundum. Corundum is the second strongest mineral in the world. Rubies and Sapphires are forms of Corundum. Pretty cool, huh?! You learned new shit today. Yay you. :heart:

ANYWAY, I've always loved Ice-based characters. Their powers are always sooooo beautiful and amazing. So I HAD to take this opportunity. UvU



Gender: Male

Sexuality: Unknown

Status: Single

Body Type: Thin and sharp

Height: 5'6"

Gem Type: Ice

Gem Location: Both eyes

Weapon: None/Uses Magical Powers

Synchronizing Dance Style: Does not fuse

Secondary Abilities: 
- His magic is powerful enough to keep him solid
- If his gems melt, he can be refrozen
- He has two different forms used for battle (To be drawn)
- Ice Magic

Personality: Ice is a quiet, rather lonely gem. He lives in the Northern Pole of the Earth, as he finds most comfort in the cold temperatures, It's to be expected. Not much fazes him, except for the Aurora Borealis(Northern Lights). It's the rare occasion you'd see him smile, if you were with him. Being in the Northern Pole, he doesn't socialize hardly at all. So he is very socially awkward. Very rarely does he travel outside of his home, unless a heatwave comes along. If that were the case, he'd venture out to find the reason why, blaming the ailment on humans. This si the only time he's dangerous.

 Aurora Borealis, Cold, Quiet, Stillness, The Occasional Blizzard

Dislikes: Being Provoked, The Unknown, Heat, Sudden and Startling Sounds, Outsiders

Alignment: Neutral unless Provoked
Gem Fusion- Fire Agate by XombieJunky
Gem Fusion- Fire Agate
My first Gem Fusion!!
And it was a BITCH to do!!
But I'm so proud of how they came out! ;v;
So here is a gem fusion of my Malachite SUOC Revamp- Malachite by XombieJunky
 and :iconfrostedsouls:'s Dragon Opal Dragon Opal-Steven Universe OC by FrostedSouls

The fusion is Fire Agate…

Their weapon is a Dragon Staff that shoots flames. Fire Agate can also breathe fire much like Dragon Opal.
However, in this form, Fire Agate is very unstable and reckless, a lot like Sugilite. Letting these two fuse is an extreme last resort.

So I hope you enjoy this! >v<
Feedback would really be appreciated. I worked extremely hard on this.


Artist | Student | Digital Art
RPs and Questions: OPEN

Art w/ Xander in it:
Candy is dandy... until it makes you delirious by MissPompZombie Prince by Ask-FoxyQueenQ Need a hand by AskthewerewolfprinceJoinme dump 8 by Askthewerewolfprince-Q- Habitants by AskTheShrimpPrince

Art w/ Haunt King in it:
SirXombieAlexander: Pixel Commission by orchidiHaunt King by nougeHaunt King by Ask-Bone-the-VampireGift for SirAlexanderXombie~ Haunt King by AskAddisonCommission for SirAlexanderXombie by kyojeanGood Vs Evil by FrostedSouls
Love me! Lol 

Gem fusions with

SUOC Revamp- Malachite by XombieJunky

or Celestite
SUOC- Celestite by XombieJunky

or Whitby Jet
SUOC- Whitby Jet by XombieJunky

or Iolite
SUOC- Iolite by XombieJunky

Or Jade
SUOC- Jade by XombieJunky

Here are the ones I've chosen to do thus far:

Malachite and Peridot - Seraphinite
SUOC Revamp- Malachite by XombieJunkyGemsona :: Peridot by LMsHangout

Malachite and Dragon Opal - Fire Agate
SUOC Revamp- Malachite by XombieJunkyDragon Opal-Steven Universe OC by FrostedSouls

Celestite and Yellow Beryl - To be decided
SUOC- Celestite by XombieJunkySUoc: Yellow Beryl by Ask-Bone-the-Vampire

Whitby is now an option as well that I'm willing to consider. I would like an idea for gender if I am doing a fusion with different genders. 
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